Des Highlands was born in 1999. At first, it was a breeding of ferrets. Then, in 2000, it became a breeding of norwegian forest cats.

Ferrets came in my life in 1998 when i met my little female ferret, Chipie, and it led me to adopt our second female at the end of 1998. From this moment, adventure began !$

My intent is to have healthy ferrets with a good size, a strong bone structure, a good temper, but without any genetic problems.
Thus, Our breeder ferrets are selected for their best physical et genetic qualities.
They have cages and parks especially made for their well-being and we often walk them.
Our breeding is declared by competent french authorities :

  • Direction Sanitaire et Vétérinaire de l'Eure
  • Chambre d'Agriculture de l'Essonne (n°Siret 448 245 524 000 11)
  • Certificat de capacité délivré par la préfecture de l'Essonne n°91-599
  • Livre Officiel des Origines Félines (L.O.O.F.), sous l'affixe Des Highlands


All my ferrets was look by a vétérinary.


At beginning 2009, our ferrets was tested for PEA