Every babies ferrets are deprived with the meat-based (little chicken, steaks of crushed poultry, pestles of chicken & nutritional supplements brewer's yeasts, colza oil and "nutrigel").
At about 7 weeks, we propose them besides croquettes totally let us baby.
They are every day manipulated to receive a perfect socialization.


  • Contract sign by the breeder and the owner
  • A passport with :

       - first vaccinated against ditemper

       - chipped

       - dewormed

  • A babies kit included :

       - Food for some days

       - Pedigree

       - some picures

       - a gift

  • Price 2009


To welcome in the best conditions your let us baby ferret, we have the possibility of supplying you in preferential pricess: cages, accessories, trees with cats,  litter, kennel... contact us!